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Your car is a part of you just as much as you are a part of your car. Let the experts help you achieve your automotive goals.

About Us

Over 15 years of experience

  • Master Certified
  • European Specialists
  • Performance Enthusiasts
  • Electric Certified
  • Locally Owned
  • Custom Projects

Electric Car Conversions

We thoroughly believe electric cars are the future. They require significantly less maintenance and often times more usable power than traditional internal combustion engines. We also know what it's like to love an existing vehicle and want to keep it around for as long as possible.

We're here to help bring your special vehicle to the future with a custom electric car conversion. Whether it be a mild 100hp conversion to an old Volkswagen or a wild 650hp conversion to your favorite sports car. Let us make it happen.

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Conversions starting around $40,000*

General service information & auto repair

We understand electric conversions are not for everyone. Properly maintaining your combustion-engine vehicles will improve fuel efficiency and extend the life of your loved vehicle. We are a full service automotive repair shop.

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oil change

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Regular oil changes will keep your vehicle running smoothly.


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Good brakes are essential driving mountain roads.


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With the rough roads we have, a smooth ride is more important than ever.


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Looking for more performance? We can help with modifications to transform your vehicle to the next level.

inspections & tune-ups

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Identifying problems earlier can prevent catastrophic issues later. We're here to help address your immediate needs- and keep an eye out for what could be coming next.


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Something just doesn't feel right? Let us help get to the core problem with our expert diagnosing skills.

The Team

Electromod Garage has over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry.

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Woody boyd

The Owner

Woody Boyd


Woody, a master technician for BMW for 13 years, has a broad automotive experience both before and after his time working for BMW. He also carries hands on experience with BMW's electric and hybrid vehicles class.

Most of his years of experience are focused on European auto repair.


Why Electro Mod?

We have a passion for cars, the environment, and our community. Located in beautiful Rollinsville, Colorado- we feel inspired to care for this land while utilizing our mechanical talents to help our client's cars to run as efficiently as possible. Our mission is to move hearts and minds to help achieve a sustainable energy future through transforming your favorite cars into cleaner, more efficient vehicles that are a blast to drive.

90% Satisfied customers
97% Completed projects
85% No shits given


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Customer Satisfaction

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Why we do dis

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Our Projects

Big ongoing projects and previously completed ones. Keep up with the shop on our Instagram!